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Multi-port-valve block system - GEMÜ iComLine

Ultra pure valves, measurement and control systems

Fully integrated system solutions from the iComLine product range combine valve functions, fittings, sensor systems, check valves and container and housing walls.

Process reliability under stringent requirements

Customer requests for high switching cycles and long service life when working with ultra pure or corrosive media have been answered by GEMÜ with their iComLine-series multi-port valves. Tested to five million switching cycles (!), the multi-port valve allows maintenance-friendly, safe operation of pneumatic actuators at up to six bar. Thanks to the design and materials used, isolation and control of the media current is possible without impairment even when operated with very rapid switching cycles and at temperatures up to 150 °C. The use of an innovative pretensioning element also ensures external leak tightness, even in the event of temperature fluctuations and settling, which can occur on plastic parts under extreme conditions of use.

Precise control and regulation – also for dosing applications

Depending on the application, the seated diaphragm technology of GEMÜ offers a different and sometimes significantly superior performance profile for dosing applications compared to both pinch valves and conventional diaphragm valves. For example, the one-piece PTFE diaphragm is pressed linearly against the seat during the closing process, allowing it to exhibit a minimal contact area with the valve body.

Alongside conventional open/closed control operations, the iComLine product range is also able to implement control operations with a parabolic or linear characteristic. The corresponding regulating cones are calculated and designed on a customized basis. Check valves and sensor systems such as pressure and temperature sensors as well as threaded filter housing connections can also be integrated into the multi-port valve block.

Modular multi-port valve block system

In the case of the modular multi-port valves, several multi-port valve blocks are connected to a manifold via threaded rods outside the media wetted area. This provides several advantages in terms of both materials and costs when compared directly with valve blocks from a machined body. This also makes inventory-keeping more efficient and effective, particularly when various extensions that build on the same versions are also incorporated into the design.

Many years of experience with multi-port valve blocks

GEMÜ has now been offering customized multi-port valve block solutions in stainless steel for around 20 years. The plastic multi-port valve blocks with valves of the iComLine series were developed thanks to this unmatched level of expertise, combined with rapid developments in the area of high performance thermoplastics and the company's many years of experience in handling critical media, particularly in the semiconductor industry. With its modular system, GEMÜ can provide individually adapted customer solutions to meet specific requirements and supplies everything from a single source.

Advantages of iComLine multi-port valves:

  • Customized design: Subassembly and accessories can be integrated into the individual design
  • Flexibility: Available with standard connections and able to be combined with a variety of actuator sizes; available in all other machining materials alongside the PTFE valve body material
  • Product reliability: Manufacture from a semi-finished product ensures low risk of leakage
  • Minimal contamination: Cleanroom manufacturing in accordance with SEMI F 57
  • Low space requirement due to compact design
  • Low operating costs: Fast installation and assembly and few components
  • Long service life (five million switching cycles when used with a pneumatic actuator)

Advantages of the modular multi-port valve blocks

  • Even higher Kv value possible thanks to fewer redirections
  • Option of implementing extensions on a case-by-case basis
  • Material savings compared to block made from one piece

Integration of GEMÜ iComLine into housing and tank walls

Integration of GEMÜ iComLine into housing and tank walls
The valve block solution off ers more than just a compact valve arrangement that integrates several valve seats, fittings and connections as well as a sensor system in a space-saving and above all cost-eff ective manner. Additionally, these system solutions can be integrated