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GEMÜ 1215

Electrical position indicator

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The GEMÜ 1215 electrical position indicator indicates one position of the valve. It is designed so that it can be mounted to GEMÜ valves via a female thread in the actuator housing.

  • The housing can be rotated through 360°
  • In addition to electrical position indication an optical position indicator is also installed
  • Protection class IP 65 acc. to EN 60529
  • ATEX
  • Explosion protection

Suitable products

Beer manufacturing / fermentation system

Product applications

Beer manufacturing / fermentation system

Knowledge regarding beer brewing has existed for many thousands of years already and was even exercised by the ancient Egyptians using the simplest of means. Nowadays, the most modern of hygienic processes are used to manufacture highquality beer. When manufacturing beer, both the knowledge of the art of beer brewing and a whole host of machinery and materials are needed. Using various process steps, water, barley, hops and yeast are combined to make the drink which is supported by the German beer purity law. The soluble, filtered extract gained from the malt when mashing is heated. This hot wort is cooled down. The next important production step is fermentation. For this purpose, yeast and sterile air / oxygen is added to the cooled wort. The oxygen serves to activate the yeast cells. This green beer is piped into the fermentation tanks. The yeast attenuates the extract / sugar in alcohol and carbon dioxide, releasing heat.

Product news


Quarter-turn adapter makes universal installation of electrical position indicators possible