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GEMÜ PFA fittings

Tube and weld fittings

  • Areas of application and industrial sectors
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Areas of application and industrial sectors

The purity of the process media used in many high-tech areas is increasingly decisive for the quality and quantity of the products. The range extends from sectors such as optics, aeronautics and astronautics through to biotechnology, gene technology, microelectronics and semiconductor production. Numerous plant designers and end users choose GEMÜ valves, fittings and tubes when equipping their devices and production plants for media control and regulation or their systems for cleaning, coating and etching processes. The high-purity system solutions and components impress with their high resistance and uncompromising cleanliness.


Our manufacturing site in Switzerland produces over 100 different types of fitting under cleanroom conditions in compliance with DIN 16901-140. The fitting bodies are made of PFA, while the union nuts are made of PFA, PVDF or CPFA. We stock all the connections available on the market too.

Emmen cleanroom plant

GEMÜ has be producing valves and fittings at its new cleanroom plant in Emmen (Canton of Lucerne, Switzerland) since September 2012. A state-of-the-art manufacturing and assembly facility was built here when, thanks to commercial success, the capacity of our site in Rotkreuz could no longer keep up with demand. When planning and developing the facility, designers focused on creating a contemporary quality management system that is fit for the future. The result is that product and production quality are ensured, for example, by using specific inspected raw materials and through audits carried out by customers and official bodies.

Tube fittingsWeld fittings
1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/4"1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 2"

Brief overview

Straight fittingsAngled fittingsTee joints
TypeConnecting pieces, reducers, adapters, O-ring free unionsConnectors, reducers, union elbow sweeps, mounting brackets, elbow adapters, elbow sweep adaptersUnion tees and tee reducers
ConnectionsFlare, SpaceSaver, NPT female thread, NPT, male thread, JIS male thread, butt weld spigot, DIN flange adapterFlare, SpaceSaver, NPT female thread, NPT, male thread, JIS male thread, butt weld spigotFlare, SpaceSaver, NPT male thread, NPT female thread, butt weld spigot

Cross pieces, sealing caps, sealing plugs and many more accessories are available, including the flaring mandrel and tools for tightening FlareStar union nuts.