Filling valve platform with PD design

GEMÜ F40 and GEMÜ F60

With the innovative filling valve platform, GEMÜ offers a unique solution for filling processes in hygienic and aseptic plants in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and food and beverage industries, as well as for industrial processes and corrosive media. Particular attention has been given to the ever-increasing requirements for fluid filling applications in the course of its development. Just consider for a moment – what if …

…your filling process could be even faster?

The filling valves from the latest generation enable a very high number of switching cycles (over 10 million). Moreover, an opening and closing speed ten times higher than that of previous valves can be implemented (actuator speeds of up to 300 mm/s).

…your filling process could be even more flexible?

With the new filling valve platform, any desired filling curve and freely programmable filling speeds can be implemented over the filling time for adaptation to diverse media, container geometries, etc.

…your valve could handle any medium?

The GEMÜ F40 and GEMÜ F60 filling valves have all been equipped with the PD design – a unique PTFE (TFMTM) sealing concept that enables a hermetic separation of medium flow and actuator with the aid of a cone diaphragm.

…your servicing took only a few seconds?

Thanks to the innovative cartridge spare parts system with Quick-Lock connection, servicing is easy, fast and optimized to prevent the occurrence of faults.

…your filling process could be even more precise?

The GEMÜ F60 motorized filling valve enable an extremely high positioning accuracy (up to approx. ±20 µm at 10 mm spindle pitch/rotation), with a repeatability of up to ±10 µm.

Filling valve GEMÜ F40
Filling valve GEMÜ F60