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Application examples

Our application scenarios present technical solutions for process engineering. In them we describe the respective profile of requirements and the valves, measurement and control systems employed. You can filter the customer references listed (and others) according to sector/application and/or product group.

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Product group
Steam sterilization

The company Holzner plans and constructs steam sterilizers for the medical technology sector (in accordance with DIN285), in which micro-organisms are deactivated or removed due to the combined effect of steam and pre...

Pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetics industries
Globe valves, Ball valves
Innovative methods for freeze-drying pharmaceutical products

Many pharmaceutical manufacturing procedures are based on bio-technological processes. Often, their molecular structure is extremely complex and their liquid form is unstable, which is why many bio-pharmaceuticals can...

Pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetics industries
Diaphragm valves, Butterfly valves, Electrical position indicators

The sterilization of liquids plays a large role in pharmaceutical and biotechnological production. This is just as important in research and development and in the production of sterile goods as it is in handling pare...

Pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetics industries
Butterfly valves, Globe valves
Multi-port valve blocks: Generation of ultra-pure water - Ion exchanger, reverse osmosis and electrodeionization

As a world leading manufacturer of complex multi-port diaphragm valves made of stainless steel, GEMÜ has earned an excellent reputation in the Biotech and Pharmaceuticals markets.

Pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetics industries
Diaphragm valves, Positioners and process controllers
Softening water for pharmaceuticals according to USP/ EP

The production of water for pharmaceuticals always consists of a series of treatment processes. The softening of the water is normally the first step of the chain of treatment.

Pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetics industries
Flowmeter, Electrical position indicators
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