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GEMÜ's history

> 2018

GEMÜ develops the innovative new PD valve design.

The PD design is used in the filling valves announced in 2018 (among others) and it receives the Innovation Award at ACHEMA 2018 in June 2018. 

GEMÜ opens its surface technology centre (OTZ) in the Hohenlohe industrial estate in June 2018.

The OTZ brings all the company's surface technology expertise under one roof, thereby expanding GEMÜ's core skills.

Accelerating into the future

in October 2018, GEMÜ founds inevvo solutions, a start-up company that develops and markets Industry 4.0 solutions such as CONEXO.

> 2017


GEMÜ undergoes restructuring

GEMÜ increases its proximity to customers even more through reorganization according to business area.

Groundbreaking ceremony for the new surface-technology centre (OTZ)

On 20th February 2017, the groundbreaking ceremony for the new surface-technology centre (OTZ) took place in the Hohenlohe business park.

> 2016


New GEMÜ eSyDrive motorized actuator

Designed on the basis of the hollow shaft principle in conjunction with technology that does not use brushes or sensors, the GEMÜ eSyDrive sets new standards in terms of compact design, reliability and accuracy.


Introducing the GEMÜ CONEXO: Continuous electronic traceability and paperless documentation thanks to valves with RFID chips

Foundation of GEMÜ Japan

The 27th GEMÜ subsidiary was founded in Nagoya, Japan in May 2016.

> 2015

New distribution valve

New GEMÜ 553 distribution valve with modular body concept.

New site

On 1st July 2015, GEMÜ opened its newest plant for manufacturing and administration, covering a total area of 21,000 m2, in Shanghai, China.

Founding of GEMÜ Mexico

In May 2015, another GEMÜ subsidiary was opened in Mexico.

Founding of GEMÜ Irland

On 01.04.2015, GEMÜ Ireland Ltd. starts its work in County Cork.

Globe valve with membrane actuator

The universally compatible GEMÜ 536 globe valve has a robust design and is reliable in operation. This valve was developed with a long service life and low maintenance requirements in mind.

> 2014

GEMÜ Canada

Foundation of GEMÜ Canada in Montreal.

GEMÜ SUMONDO® single-use diaphragm valve

GEMÜ has developed the world's first controllable single-use diaphragm valve - the GEMÜ SUMONDO®. The valve body and actuator are connected to each other with patent-pending technology. After use, the valve body is detached from the actuator and disposed of.

Anniversary year 2014: 50 years of GEMÜ

The special day is 30 June 2014 - On this day GEMÜ was exactly 50 years old.

> 2013


Inauguration of the Production and Logistics Centre Europe on the Hohenlohe Industrial Estate

The production and logistics centre was officially opened on 13 September 2013 for the direct supply of European customers.

Extendable multi-port valve blocks GEMÜ P600F

Product launch GEMÜ P600F -
Extendable multi-port valve blocks: Plastic multi-port valve blocks for modular design piping systems and plant.

GEMÜ iComLine

Product launch of iComLine - 2/2-way valves and multi-port valve block systems for aggressive, corrosive or ultra pure media.

> 2012


Opening of the new cleanroom facility in Emmen / Switzerland

The new cleanroom facility in Emmen / Switzerland was officially opened on 21 September 2012.

Ceremony to commemorate the completion of the building structure of the new production and logistics centre

AThe ceremony to commemorate the completion of the building structure of the new production and logistics centre on the Hohenlohe industrial estate was held on 12 September 2012.

GEMÜ 555 / 505

Product launch of angle seat globe valves GEMÜ 555 (pneumatic actuator) and GEMÜ 505 (manually operated) for the isolation of pure steam.

GEMÜ 4242 combi switchbox

Development of GEMÜ 4242 combi switchbox for high integrity applications. Its most striking features are its simple commissioning, its compact design with low weight and its high visibility optical position indicator.

Compact Plastic Valves

Development of GEMÜ R690 and GEMÜ R677 plastic diaphragm valves as well as plastic multi-port valve blocks. They provide customized multi-functionality in the smallest of spaces.

> 2011

Laying of foundation stone for new plastics plant in Switzerland

Laying of foundation stone for new building in Emmen to expand cleanroom production.

30-year anniversary of five subsidiaries

GEMÜ France, GEMÜ Switzerland, GEMÜ Sweden, GEMÜ England and GEMÜ Brazil celebrate their 30-year anniversaries.

Laying of foundation stone for new production and logistics centre in Germany

Laying of foundation stone for construction of a production and logistics centre on the Hohenlohe industrial estate in Kupferzell.

Managing Director Gert Müller

Company management stays in the family - Gert Müller, son of Fritz Müller, becomes Managing Director.

Green Engineering

GEMÜ makes an active commitment to using the Earth's resources as economically as possible.

GEMÜ R-Series

Product launch of R690 and R677 valves with optimized body geometry, further development of GEMÜ multi-port valve block systems

> 2010

GEMÜ FlexPort Valve®

Development of the material-optimized GEMÜ FlexPort Valve® range of globe valves - for compact and flexible plant designs.


First customized plastic multi-port valve blocks for multi-functionality in the smallest of spaces.

Managing Director Stephan Müller

Stephan Müller, nephew of Fritz Müller, becomes Managing Director.

> 2009

Inauguration of the GEMÜ Dome

Inauguration of the GEMÜ Dome, the new innovation centre in Niedernhall-Waldzimmern, Germany.

GEMÜ 565 control valve

Product launch of the new GEMÜ 565 control valve for dosing functions and small flows.

> 2008

New GEMÜ subsidaries

Foundation of
GEMÜ Africa in Johannesburg (South Africa)
GEMÜ Russia in Moscow
GEMÜ Finland in Helsinki
GEMÜ Belgium in Brussels
GEMÜ Italy in Milan

GEMÜ 530 and GEMÜ 534

Market introduction of the new GEMÜ 530 globe valve ranges with stainless steel actuator and GEMÜ 534 with plastic actuator.

> 2007

GEMÜ Denmark

GEMÜ founded.



Laying of the foundation stone for the GEMÜ Dome, the new develpoment and innovation centre in Niedernhall-Waldzimmern with a total surface area of approx. 6000 m².

> 2006

GEMÜ Indonesia

Foundation of a representation office in Indonesia, Jakarta.

New building GEMÜ China

Opening of the new building in Shanghai (China) with 3,500 m² production and office surface area.

GEMÜ 1434 μPos

Introduction of the new compact GEMÜ 1434 µPos valve positioner.

GEMÜ 651

Presentation of the new GEMÜ 651 diaphragm valve with integrated automation module (position feedback, pilot valve and field bus connection).

EHEDG certification

Certification of the GEMÜ diaphragm sealing system by EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group).

> 2005

New production and office facilities for GEMÜ Germany

Headquarters at Ingelfingen-Criesbach expanded by 4700 m² for production and administration.

GEMÜ 660

Introduction of the new GEMÜ 660 diaphragm valve for aseptic beverage filling.

> 2004

GEMÜ 550

Introduction of the GEMÜ 550 stainless steel angle seat globe valve for steam control and the regulation of liquids.

GEMÜ 1436 cPos

Market introduction of the new GEMÜ 1436 cPos controller generation which is available both as a positioner and as a process controller.

> 2003

GEMÜ Taiwan

GEMÜ Taiwan founded in Taoyuan, close to Taipei.

> 2002

Electronic switching circuit

Development of the integrated electronic switching circuit GEMÜ 201_FM.

> 2001

GEMÜ 1435 ePos

Introduction of the GEMÜ 1435 ePos intelligent positioner for installation on globe valves and diaphragm valves.

Innovation prize

Innovation prize from the Land Baden-Württemberg (Dr. Rudolf Eberle Prize) for the CleanStar® product line (ultra pure PFA diaphragm valves for the semiconductor and microelectronics industry).

> 2000

GEMÜ Austria

GEMÜ Austria founded.

GEMÜ 650 and GEMÜ 1235

Presentation of the GEMÜ 650 BioStar® diaphragm valves at the Achema 2000. Market introduction of position indicator 1235 with vastly simplified commissioning.


Award of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany [Bundesverdienstkreuz] to Fritz Müller.
GEMÜ China
GEMÜ China founded in Shanghai

> 1998

Expansion of production and office facilities

Expansion of the Ingelfingen-Criesbach Works by approx. 6,000 m² production and office area.

> 1997


Pan-European introduction of stainless steel construction series M600 multi-port valves.

> 1996


Design Award

Award for high design quality from the North Rhine-Westphalian Design Centre (red dot) for the GEMÜ 457 wafer type butterfly valve.

> 1995

GEMÜ Singapore

GEMÜ Singapore founded for market entry in Asia.

T-valve bodies

Sale of first T-valve bodies made of stainless steel. Variants of this include the Y-body and X-body.

> 1993


The worst flooding of the century causes huge damage in the Headquarters which was repaired quickly thanks to our motivated employees.

> 1990

High Purity

Entry into market for High Purity valves made of PFA-HP for the microelectronics and semiconductor industry with the CleanSystem
series. Production is based in Switzerland.

> 1989


Butterfly valves

Development of plastic and metal butterfly valves.

GEMÜ Australia

GEMÜ Australia founded, had been supported by GEMÜ England.

> 1988


GEMÜ USA founded in Atlanta. Manufacturing for the local market commences already after a short period.

> 1985


Measurement and control systems

Introduction of measurement and control systems, bringing diverse activities together.

> 1984

Motorized actuators

Introduction of motorized actuators for diaphragm valves.

> 1983

Design Award

"Good industrial design", award from an international jury for the GEMÜ 687 2/2-way valve during the Hanover Industrial Trade Fair.

> 1981

GEMÜ subsidiaries

GEMÜ Brazil founded, manufacturing location for industrial cast iron and SG iron valves.
GEMÜ Switzerland founded, today the Company Group's plastics competence centre.
GEMÜ England founded to increase market share in Great Britain.
GEMÜ France founded to process the French and North African markets.
GEMÜ Sweden founded to take on the responsibility of supporting our customers in Scandinavia.

Fire at GEMÜ

A large fire destroys the production workshop, manufacturing is re-started after just a short time in a large marquee on the river Kocher's meadows as an interim solution.

> 1979

GEMÜ 512, GEMÜ 514 and GEMÜ 554

Development of GEMÜ 512 globe valve, GEMÜ 514 angle seat globe valve with aluminium actuator and GEMÜ 554 angle seat globe valve with plastic actuator. The actuators all feature a pneumatic piston design.

> 1978

GEMÜ 320

Development of GEMÜ 320 pilot valve for pneumatic actuators. The space-saving battery design is developed later.

> 1977

GEMÜ 800 and GEMÜ 850

Development of the plastic variable area flowmeter, product lines GEMÜ 800 and GEMÜ 850. Metering tubes in Polysulphone and Trogamid.

> 1974

Globe Valves

First developmental stages for metal globe valves.

> 1968

First production building

Move to the company's first own manufacturing premises in Ingelfingen-Criesbach where the building is built by the employees themselves after work.

Diaphragm valves

Development of the first plastic diaphragm valves with pneumatic actuator.

> 1964

Foundation of GEMÜ

Fritz Müller founds GEMÜ in Ingelfingen. The first plastic process valves invented by him are produced in his parents' garage and in the kitchen.

> 1963

Plastic (PVC) process valve

Invention of the first plastic (PVC) process valve in the world. The directly controlled solenoid valve enabled initial steps towards automation for electroplating plants.