Aseptic process technology

Valves, measurement and control systems for sterile applications

Aseptic process technology

GEMÜ's stainless steel and plastic products are successfully used for applications in the life science market, as well as single-use or hybrid plant.

For 50 years, innovative technologies and high product and production quality have formed the basis for the successful use of GEMÜ's valves, measurement and control systems in aseptic applications.

EHEDG-certified seal system

All GEMÜ bodies for aseptic applications are characterized by a sealing bead on the stainless steel valve body that sits tightly to the internal diameter. Paired with the GEMÜ diaphragm, we have created a defined sealing surface here with minimal deadleg. This special feature of the GEMÜ seal system has been successfully EHEDG-certified and stands for maximum tightness and safety. It has been proven over many decades.

Diverse valve body versions

GEMÜ supplies a large number of different valve body versions, which can be used in numerous pipework positions. Alongside classic 2/2-way bodies (2/2 valves) and T valves (3/2 valves), we can also offer you deadleg-optimized tank valves (B600). We also design and manufacture welding configurations (GMP-SAP valve configuration, W600) or multi-port valves machined from a block (M600) based on customer specifications. Tailored to the respective customer's application, we have been successfully offering GEMÜ multi-port valves for more than 20 years and are the global technology and market leader.

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Single-use technology

Single-use technology is becoming increasingly popular, particularly when manufacturing small batch sizes up to approximately 2,000 litres, as regularly encountered in research and pilot systems. Our customers are also successfully using hybrid systems, which combine single-use plant sections with stainless steel plants. We therefore got together with a plant designer to develop a completely new product: GEMÜ SUMONDO®, the world's first single-use diaphragm valve. The valve body and actuator are connected to one another using innovative new technology. The valve can be monitored and controlled via the pneumatic actuator.

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