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Other process technology

Valves, measurement and control systems for numerous fields of application

GEMÜ products have been successfully used in the field of process technology for 50 years.

Liquids, vapours and gases of various treatment stages are successfully monitored and controlled using GEMÜ products.

Safe drinking water production

Alongside pneumatically actuated and manually operated GEMÜ butterfly valves, plastic ball valves and butterfly valves can also be used to distribute raw water and treated water in all standard treatment processes employed by waterworks. Examples of processes from this field include the CARIX® or URANEX® process, in which our valves can be reliably controlled – also via a central control unit.

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Experience in treatment and recycling/disposal processes

Whether dehydration, reduction or digestion: GEMÜ components are used in many systems for recycling or treating substances such as water, metal or acid. In the metalworking industry, for example, the coolant is filtered/cleaned so that it can be used for a longer period of time. However, our products can also be used at classic rubbish dumps, for example in the treatment of leachate.

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Reliable process water

GEMÜ valves, measurement and control systems are ideally suited to applications with process water, such as:

  • Generating boiler feed water
  • Heating processes and cooling water systems
  • Production of chemical solutions.

Industrial plants/systems often have quite different requirements for their process water. Factors such as water hardness, conductance or gas content need to be controlled and regulated here. GEMÜ supplies reliable valves for shutting off the corresponding pipe sections of plants for this type of application. GEMÜ's valves and control components also serve to distribute and perform reliable dosing of chemicals.

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