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GEMÜ's cleanroom plant in Emmen

The latest engineering for the ultimate in purity

The cleanroom plant was opened in Emmen, near Lucerne in September 2012 after market success meant that the capacity of the Rotkreuz location was no longer sufficient.

Around half of the approximately 21,100 m2 plot was used for a modern production facility to cater for demanding applications in terms of purity and hygiene.

Modern design

We structured the processes and procedures at the facility in such a way that all paths are short. The cleanroom is constructed in a way that allows maintenance work to be performed largely from outside without compromising production. The injection moulded parts can be stored under ISO 8 conditions and fed directly to the assembly operations.

Seamless quality management

We placed great emphasis on establishing a contemporary and future-proof system of quality management during both planning and implementation. We employ various processes to ensure the quality of our products and production procedures, including:

  • Use of specified and controlled raw materials
  • SPC – statistic process control
  • Constant training of staff
  • Supervision
  • • Continuous improvement ("Deming circle" / PDCA cycle).

"Green" building technology

Numerous modern technologies were employed to minimize the impact of the new building on nature.