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GEMÜ production and quality management

Conscientious work processes, flawless documentation

For us, quality is something you define. This is why GEMÜ advisors and product specialists consider it so important to work together with you in clearly specifying your requirements and products.

Due to the wide variety of products manufactured and their areas of application, GEMÜ manufacturing sites and GEMÜ products have numerous approvals and certificates.

High-purity products and plastic components

At the cleanroom plant in Emmen, we manufacture and assemble high-purity valves, measurement and control systems, as well as products for the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

To meet the particularly stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, the cleanrooms employ an independent monitoring system that records and monitors the air parameters. Checks are performed at defined intervals to secure the requisite air quality and prevent microbiological contamination. The strictly separated flows of personnel and goods and the two-stage airlock system allow us to cater for even the strictest requirements.

On request, we are also happy to perform 100% inspections of the products for you. You can find further information on technology and quality management in the "Emmen cleanroom plant" section.

Valves, measurement and control systems for industrial processes

At our Rotkreuz location, we produce plastic actuators and valve bodies. Certified to ISO 9001:2008, our company also sets the bar very high at this site in terms of procedures and process quality. With success, as audits regularly confirm the effectiveness and efficiency of our quality management. You can find more information on this in the "Rotkreuz manufacturing site" section.