Application-focussed product and technological knowledge

GEMÜ has been offering a structured and meticulously prepared educational range of training courses for many years. These courses are aimed not only at the company's international customer base, but also its global sales organization.

The three-tier GEMÜ training system

Our position within plant design, plant engineering and plant operation is underpinned by our expert knowledge as well as our sector-oriented understanding of specifications and connections. We are particularly committed to providing in-depth vocational training as a way of better addressing the stringent requirements of the market. It is with pleasure that we pass on our knowledge and experience to our customers, commercial partners and employees.

Using their diverse practical experience from many years of working in the industry, our committed training team didactically structures the training content according to subject so that the participants' technical knowledge is specifically built on, further developed and maintained at a high level.

GEMÜ all-rounder

When GEMÜ all-rounders join the company, they receive thorough general and application-focussed basic instruction in their basic training courses, which provide them with a solid introduction to the world of valves, measurement and control systems.

GEMÜ specialist

The participant then develops into a GEMÜ specialist through targeted higher level application-specific 

GEMÜ expert

Only for GEMÜ employees.

Particularly experienced staff can achieve expert status through additional intensive, industry-specific technical training at the very highest level and by exchanging professional experiences within a group of experts.