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Clean Projects

Sustainable living and working

Since 1964, GEMÜ has attached great importance to and has continuously lived up to its responsibilities towards society and with respect to its company policies. This involves supporting sport and culture as well as incorporating environmental aspects in the company and we are also committed to campaigns and initiatives for environmental protection in the regions where we are based. We would like to give a brief overview of current projects here:

CO2-neutral website

Due to the energy that is required for them (e.g. for IT infrastructure), each website produces a certain volume of CO2 emissions. To offset these emissions, GEMÜ has joined the "CO2-neutral website" initiative. The corresponding emissions are calculated based on the number of visitors to our website. The CO2 emissions are then reduced through the financing of various climate projects across the world. You can find further information about the "CO2-neutral website" initiative at

Green Thinking / Young People Project

Since 2014, industrial and commercial apprentices have participated in placements at the GEMÜ environmental management department of up to four weeks in length. These placements combine theory and practice: After they have completed training and the measurement systems have been explained to them, the young employees search for cold bridges in the buildings and leakages in the compressed air supply. However, they also assist with occupational health and safety, for example by measuring noise levels. These placements enable apprentices to further develop the idea collection skills that form the basis of planning annual investments.

Bike to work

Employees at the two sites in Switzerland have been cycling to work for years as part of various campaigns. In 2014, "bike to work" took place in May and June, and "GEMÜ" took part once again. This campaign is aimed at getting as many commuters as possible enthusiastic about the "Velo", as the bicycle is called in Switzerland, as a healthy, efficient and environmentally friendly means of transport.


The GREEN MOVE project, a GEMÜ electric shuttle system, was designed in 2012. One of the three white and green Smart Fortwo Electric Drive coupés, or E-Smarts for short, is situated at each of the three sites in Hohenlohe in order to provide employees with low-noise and low-emission transport between sites. In 2014, the apprentices did not hesitate to use the Smarts in order to promote sustainability in the schools in the region. E-mobility also provides support for our own employees: Any employee can charge their electric car for free using the in-house EV charging station.

Social projects

In keeping with the slogan "Local Roots, Global Network", GEMÜ supports associations, events and initiatives from Hohenlohe, alongside projects all over the world. One example of this is our support of Brazilian children's homes, which goes back more than 30 years. The Santo Antonio patronage, for example, is home to more than 650 children and young people who have suffered due to difficult circumstances.