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Product certificates

FDA/EC Directive 1935ATEXTest certificates to DIN EN 10204
FDA confirmations and declarations of conformity as per regulation (EC) no. 1935 are automatically produced as part of an order for products tested for this, printed out and supplied with the respective product. An electronic version of the certificate/documentation is also available in our customer portal.A variety of products are also optionally available in ATEX versions. For conformity, all components as well as the entire product are subjected to a hazard and risk analysis and evaluated accordingly. The products are labelled accordingly and delivered with a declaration of conformity.Test certificates to DIN EN 10204 (2.1, 2.2, 3.1 or 3.2 – certificates of compliance with the order, test reports or inspection certificates) can be created and delivered for materials, surface finishes, ferrite levels, pressure tests or for specific (functional) dimensions at the customer's request.
Conformity certificate ball valves sealing material phthalatfree
Certificate ball valves stainless steel TA-Luft
Conformity certificate 790 791 797 798 FDA
Conformity certificate 740 741 748 K740 BSE TSE grease oil-free sealing material 5C 5T FDA USP