Electronic identification, documentation management and paperless maintenance


CONEXO allows for the unique identification of valves and components, and provides support in the qualification of plants and paperless maintenance.

  • Unique, traceable serial numbers for each component
  • Clear allocation of certificates to the respective components and the ability to call them up in the plant itself
  • Documentation of the history of components, such as installation/removal date
  • Electronic inventory of locations and the components installed there
  • Simplified goods inwards check, Installation Qualification (IQ), Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)
  • Provision of the plant documentation at the touch of a button
  • Creation of customized, paperless guided maintenance processes
  • Electronic maintenance documentation including assessment and photo documentation

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Overview of the CONEXO system


  1. Electronic identification of components using CONEXO tags (QR code or RFID chip)
  2. Displaying the product information and documentation
    • GEMÜ app
    • CONEXO App
    • CONEXO Webview

Documentation management

  1. Design of the plant structure in the CONEXO portal
  2. Integration of the component data
  3. Creation of step-by-step instructions for each maintenance type
  4. Definition of the maintenance tasks with location, cycle, implementation period and operator


Implementation of the maintenance

  1. Implementation of the maintenance work using step-by-step instructions
  2. Automatic documentation of the implementation
  3. Electronic signature via the user login
  4. Distribution of the maintenance report via PDF
  5. Calling up the maintenance report
    • CONEXO App
    • CONEXO Portal

CONEXO components

For uniquely identifying the components



For identifying the components on mobile devices


CONEXO Webview
for identifying the components online


For reading the RFID CONEXO Tags


For carrying out the maintenance


for management and tracking


Comparison of the functions

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Using CONEXO software for your own projects

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