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GEMÜ diaphragm globe valves

GEMÜ has developed an innovative sealing concept for specific customer requirements. The unique feature of this concept is the PD technology seal (plug diaphragm technology), which ensures hermetic separation of the actuator from the medium flow. The concept was then further developed specifically for sterile and hygienic applications.

  • Aseptic control valve for sterile and hygienic processes
  • Filling valve platform with PD technology
  • Valve made of high performance thermoplastics

Aseptic control valve for sterile and hygienic processes

The sealing principle of the GEMÜ 567 BioStar Control 2/2-way control valve is based on GEMÜ PD technology, which won the ACHEMA Innovation Award 2018 in the "Valves/seals" category. All actuator parts and the regulating cone or regulating needle are made of stainless steel, while the seal uses a diaphragm made of PTFE. The control valve was also nominated for the ACHEMA Innovation Award 2018 in the "Pharmaceutical engineering" category.

Filling valve platform with PD technology

At the ACHEMA 2018 trade fair, GEMÜ presented the new filling valve generation with types F40 and F60. Owing to their cone-shaped diaphragms, the valves are particularly suitable for aseptic filling in the pharmaceutical and biochemical sectors and in the drinks industry. The judging panel of the ACHEMA Innovation Award 2018 placed the valve solution on the shortlist of the five best submissions in the category "Packaging and fluid filling applications".

Valve made of high performance thermoplastics

The ultra-pure 2/2-way plastic diaphragm globe valves in the iComLine product range have a PFA or PTFE valve body. A cone-shaped one-piece PTFE diaphragm seals this off hermetically from the actuator. The external actuator parts are made of PVDF. The union nuts are available in PVDF, PFA and C-PFA. In addition to 2/2-way valve bodies, customized multi-port valve block solutions can be produced.

GEMÜ 567
Clamp; Spigot
Manual; Motorized; Pneumatic
1.4435 (316L), block material
10 bar
160 ° C
-10 ° C
Flare; PrimeLock®; Super 300 Type Pillar®
6 bar
150 ° C
10 ° C
DN 8 (1/4''); DN 10 (3/8''); DN 15 (1/2''); DN 20 (3/4'')
Clamp; Spigot
1.4435, investment casting material
7 bar
140 ° C
-10 ° C
max. 140 °C

Ultra pure water dosage

Ultra pure water dosage - Packaging of sterile plastic components
In the pharmaceutical or medical industry, the packaging of sterile plastic components places stringent requirements on process system safety. Depending on the product, gentle handling is just as important as precise dosage of protective solutions and sterile liquids, such a