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Data Protection

Data Protection Statement

This Data Protection Statement contains information on the data protection measures and on how the websites of the GEMÜ Group deal with your personal information.

GEMÜ Gebr. Müller Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG, Fritz-Müller-Str. 6-8, 74653 Ingelfingen-Criesbach (Germany), the European GEMÜ subsidiaries, GEMÜ Switzerland and GEMÜ USA / GEMÜ Canada / GEMÜ Mexico are responsible for this. They have commissioned the GEMÜ data protection officers with monitoring the implementation of and compliance with this statement.

You can consult them on the topic of recording and using your personal information at any time. To do this, please send an e-mail to the GEMÜ data protection officers at

Area of application

This Data Protection Statement applies to websites, domains and services belonging to GEMÜ Germany, the European GEMÜ subsidiaries and GEMÜ Switzerland.

These websites may also contain links to the websites of other companies which GEMÜ cannot influence in any way. GEMÜ shall therefore not be liable for such content, for which the relevant provider/operator is always responsible. No illegal content was identified at the time the links were set up. The linked pages are checked on a regular basis. The links will be removed immediately as soon as we become aware of any legal violations.

Using the social media functions on our websites may lead to information about you being collected or released by these media. We therefore advise you to check your data privacy settings in these services.

Collecting personal information

1. For optimized website display; for example

  • appropriate resolution for your device and your software environment/your browser
  • personalized display, for example country- or language-specific content on the homepage

Various information is automatically recorded in order to offer you this service. This includes the browser type and language and access times. We also record your IP address and a unique ID for the current browser session, for example when you log in on the GEMÜ websites (depending on your cookie settings). This also applies for certain e-mails and notifications sent by GEMÜ.

GEMÜ uses cookies and integrated web links to collect this data. Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer and which are saved in your browser (locally on your hard drive). Integrated web links are embedded hyperlinks, for example in an e-mail via which you can access a specific area of our websites.

In addition to transferring the above data for optimized website display, cookies also enable you to automatically make the settings you have chosen the default settings (such as your national language or country website) every time you call up the website.

2. For simplified interaction and establishing contact, for example

  • to make it easier to provide service/support and establish contact with regard to your query
  • to send notifications about products and updates which correspond to your interests

For functionalities such as contact forms or registrations, GEMÜ asks you for information such as your name, company, address, telephone number and e-mail address. This information helps the technical and multi-lingual specialist technicians to process your query quickly. In addition, GEMÜ automatically saves other unique information such as preferred products and services or the ways in which you prefer to be contacted. Likewise, the user ID generated upon registration and the associated encrypted password are saved for the optional login function. We collect this information both for security reasons (defence against threats, fraud, malicious activities which your account could be used for), for statistical purposes and so that we can notify you with the latest news.

You can actively determine how the data about you is collected. To do this, click on the button at the bottom left of the page or click here. Please bear in mind that if this data is not collected, the display of content may not be as good and parts of the GEMÜ websites may be disabled.

Protecting personal information

GEMÜ implements appropriate and suitable physical, technical and administrative procedures in order to prevent unauthorized access to your information. For example, registration pages and contact forms are protected by the SSL procedure.

Using and passing on personal information

GEMÜ Germany, the European GEMÜ subsidiaries and GEMÜ Switzerland will not pass on to third parties any personal information collected on these websites without your consent. An exception to this rule is in the event of an instruction from public authorities (police authorities, constitution protection authorities, etc.); in such cases, GEMÜ is obligated to provide information.

The data recorded will be processed and used by us in various software programs. One of these is our customer relationship management software program (CRM) which we need in order to answer your queries and to inform you about any news and/or changes. Another is the open source software PIWIK and Webtraxs (tracking), with which GEMÜ employees perform statistical analyses, for example to improve the navigation structure of our websites.

You can of course choose how the information about you is used and have the opportunity to change these preferences at any time.