Measurement principles (GM0102)

Measurement principles (GM0102)

Target group:

Beginners in process engineering in the area of valve designs


In particular:

  • Servicing and maintenance staff, plant technicians
  • Plant operators, operational engineers, project engineers
  • Planning and system design engineers, technical purchasing, design engineers, process engineers

Training content:

  • Measurement variables in process engineering
  • Importance of electrical reference signals for information transmission
  • Device-dependent accuracy
  • Measurement principles for operating state variables (temperature, pressure, volumetric and mass flow, and level)
  • Basic principles of material and product features (density, electrical conductivity, pH value)

Cost and duration:: Online EUR 120 for four hours, in-person EUR 240 for eight hours incl. catering

Testing: Reflect on what you have learned via multiple-choice questions



Training dates:

In-person training: GER: 25th January 2022

Online training   GER:  27th September 2022

Customized training courses on request

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Advanced training courses:

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