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GMP-compliant and paperless

Maintenance of plant components using GEMÜ Conexo

The requirements for GMP-compliant production in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries mean that manufacturers and OEMs (have to) comprehensively document numerous work steps. This includes keeping check lists, maintenance books, plant plans and inventory lists, as well as taking various approaches to ensure the captive identification of every component.

Digital identification and tamper-proof documentation

RFID technology now provides completely new options for the digital and tamper-proof identification of plant components, as well as the ability to electronically store, protect and process the associated information. This involves the relevant components being equipped with RFID chips. IT infrastructure comprising a mobile and stationary software solution is also required. Every relevant plant component (e.g. valves), and even individual parts of these components, can be clearly traced using serialization and can be identified at any time in the plant using an RFID reader.

Paperless maintenance and expanded service applications

The mobile software will not only simplify and improve the "Installation qualification" process; it will also make the maintenance process much more reliable and effectively documented in the future. The app actively guides the maintenance technician through the maintenance schedule, which can be individually structured and edited, and directly provides them with all the assigned information, such as instructions, test reports and testing documentation. This package is further supplemented by the maintenance log book and photo documentation options.

Interactive application

The interactive application below is easy to use using the left mouse button. All of the text boxes highlighted red are clickable. After clicking on the relevant valve, you can choose between the "RFID info" and "Servicing" menu items. The entire system, as well as the individual valves, can be rotated by holding down the mouse button. A zoom function is included in the "Information" area and can be activated by double-clicking on it.
The application is available in German and English. If you wish to switch to the German version, please use the button at the bottom right to do so.