GEMÜ 688

Pneumatically operated diaphragm valve

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The GEMÜ 688 2/2-way diaphragm valve has a two-stage actuator and is pneumatically operated. The actuator has a stainless steel housing and is controlled by two pistons working independently of each other. A stroke limiter is integrated as standard.

  • Two-stage actuator on which a part stroke can be variably set in addition to the full stroke
  • Both fast OPEN/CLOSE function and possibility for precision dosing of the working medium are possible when the part stroke is activated
  • CIP/SIP capable
  • Wide range of adaptation options for add-on components and accessories
  • Media temperature: -10 to 100 °C
  • Sterilization temperature: Max. 150 °C
  • Ambient temperature*: 0 to 60 °C
  • Operating pressure*: 0 to 10 bar
  • Nominal sizes*: DN 15 to 50
  • Body configurations:
  • Connection types: Clamp | Flange | Spigot | Threaded connection
  • Connection standards:
  • Body materials: 1.4408, investment casting material | 1.4435 (316L), forged material | 1.4435, investment casting material
  • Diaphragm materials:
  • Conformities*: 3A | CRN | EAC | FDA | Oxygen | TA Luft (German Clean Air Act)

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How diaphragm valves with metal valve bodies work

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Production plant for liquids

Product applications

Production plant for liquids

The plant is used for manufacturing liquid pharmaceutical products and consists of raw material supply, preparation and mixing of liquids and cleaning. 3 tanks are available for the preparation of liquids (2 x 1000 l and 1 x 2000 l). The tanks are pressure and vacuum resistant from -1 bar to +3 bar. Each tank is equipped with a separate heating/cooling system. The prepared products are mixed in 3 different mixing tanks with a contents of 2000 l each or in movable containers. The plant is designed according to GMP and qualified.