GEMÜ C67 CleanStar

Manually operated diaphragm valve

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The GEMÜ C67 HPW CleanStar ultra-pure 2/2-way diaphragm valve is manually operated. All media wetted parts are made of PFA or PTFE.

  • High purity due to cleanroom manufacturing
  • High Flow version
  • High flow rates
  • Minimal deadleg
  • Optional flow direction
  • Also available as T valve
  • The valve is available with ECTFE union nut as an option. Thus you achieve: brief equipment rinsing times, clearly improved Kv values (High Flow), high "MTBF" and reduced costs
  • Media temperature: -10 to 150 °C
  • Ambient temperature*: 0 to 60 °C
  • Operating pressure*: 0 to 6 bar
  • Nominal sizes*: DN 4 to 25
  • Body configurations: 2/2-way body | T body
  • Connection types: Flare | Flare SpaceSaver | PrimeLock® | PrimeLock® SpaceSaver | Spigot | Super 300 Type Pillar® SpaceSaver | Union end
  • Connection standards: DIN
  • Body materials: PFA | PP-H, grey | PP-H, natural | PVDF
  • Body lining:
  • Diaphragm materials: PTFE/EPDM
  • Conformities*: EAC | FDA | TA Luft (German Clean Air Act)

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Diaphragm replacement on GEMÜ C67

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GEMÜ CleanStar for use in DFS Fusion chemical blending systems

Product applications

GEMÜ CleanStar for use in DFS Fusion chemical blending systems

Chemicals are used in semiconductor production in virtually all processes, in particular for purifying, coating and etching. The corrosive, ultra-high purity chemicals used there set stringent requirements in terms of the purity and resistance of the system and its components. This is why diaphragm valves made of high-quality fluoropolymer plastics are particularly recommended for chemical mixing and supply systems. Discover the DFS Fusion chemical blending system, as an example, to find out more about GEMÜ's products and solutions, which are ideally suited for semiconductor production.

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