Electromobility at GEMÜ

Refuelling has given way to recharging: The electric car is not driven by a petrol or diesel engine. Instead, a battery-powered electric motor serves as the source of propulsion. Provided that these batteries are completely charged with renewable energy, the electric car is emission-free and kind to the environment. Even if there are still new solutions waiting to be found in the area of electromobility, these will require people with the vision to open up the path to such innovations.

Electric shuttle

GEMÜ began implementing an inter-plant transportation system with reduced noise and emissions for its German sites in 2012. At the time, this consisted solely of one Opel Ampera and three smart fortwo electric drive cars, or "e-smarts" for short. Today, employees have a total of ten e-smarts, one Opel Ampera and one BMW i3 at their disposal. While the purely electric vehicles are predominantly used as shuttle vehicles, the Opel Ampera, being a hybrid vehicle, can also be used for covering longer distances.


Making e-mobility more accessible

The increasing use and prevalence of environmentally friendly vehicles is a matter close to the heart of GEMÜ Managing Partner Gert Müller. To help more people discover the benefits of e-mobility, GEMÜ is offering its employees the opportunity to make personal use of these vehicles at weekends for non-commercial purposes, in exchange for a small donation.

In addition, GEMÜ is supporting an e-carsharing project in the town of Niedernhall close to its headquarters in Ingelfingen and sponsoring the leasing rates for the BMW i3 electric car, which can be rented by Niedernhall's citizens at attractive prices.

Public charging stations

The pioneering nature of companies can play an important role with regard to the expansion of infrastructure, particularly in rural areas. For this reason, GEMÜ already initiated the construction of an e-charging station at the parking area for the Wertwiesen festival site in Künzelsau in 2015, bearing the costs for this.

Additionally, GEMÜ allows all its employees to charge their electric cars for free at the company's own electric charging stations, and has also constructed two charging stations for guests at the Schlosshotel Ingelfingen.