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Application-focussed product and technological knowledge

GEMÜ has been offering a structured and educational range of training courses for many years. These courses are aimed not only at the company's international customer base, but also its global sales organization.

The new three-tier GEMÜ training system

In 2013, we took all of the practical business experience we have gained over many years and our didactic core skills to develop a new training and learning system. It is a three-tier system with a modular structure. It provides support to new entrants, people changing career and to experienced specialists. The training content is didactically structured according to subject so that the participants' technical knowledge is increased, further developed and maintained at a high level. According to their needs, the participants pass through up to three knowledge levels. All training courses are held in German or English.


A cross-section of fundamentals from various areas, such as materials engineering and surface treatment


Special, application-focussed tasks are used to extend and reinforce knowledge here



Specific topics from the fields of valves, measurement and control systems