A solution for Industry 4.0: GEMÜ Conexo

Solution on the path to Industry 4.0

Everybody's talking about increasing networking, but specific procedures and applications are not yet widespread. In its latest animation, GEMÜ uses a concrete application example to show how plant component servicing will or might work in the future with GEMÜ CONEXO. In this example, RFID chips are fitted to valves or in diaphragms. In conjunction with the corresponding app and an IT infrastructure, the maintenance documentation can be created in just a few clicks. It goes without saying that GEMÜ CONEXO – the solution comprising valves with RFID chips, a reading device, an app and IT infrastructure – also offers other options, such as test report management. But when it comes to a new technology, it is sometimes best to give a quick demonstration of what it's all about, and show how easy it can be with this technology to manage complex processes, quickly bringing them under full control.