Multi-port valve in action: GEMÜ Cocktail mixer

Multi-port valve in action: GEMÜ cocktail mixer

Since 2012, a programmed GEMÜ high-tech multi-port valve has mixed up whatever cocktail trade fair visitors have requested from various ingredients. You can also clearly see how the valve works: The "insides" of the mixer can be seen through a plexiglass screen, and it is possible to follow how the valves open and shut in real time, how the glass fills and finally how the entire system is cleaned. Most importantly, the cocktail mixer reveals the hidden potential of a multi-port valve. After each mix, the multi-port valve is automatically cleaned and at the end of the trade fair is manually sterilized – a normal procedure in everyday use. A temperature sensor is used to enable the staff at the stand to constantly monitor the cooling function. The video demonstrates the main functions accompanied by short explanations.