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Multi-functional and cost saving: GEMÜ plastic multi-port valve blocks

Multi-functional and cost saving: GEMÜ plastic multi-port valve blocks

"Here we can see Mr. Bauer. Today, he is once again completely engrossed in his work. Mr. Bauer is passionate about building plants. He builds them for the water treatment industry, chemical process engineering and process water treatment, for example. However, he is of course always asking himself the following question: How can he make the plants even more compact, reliable and maintenance friendly for his customers?" Our explanatory video begins with these sentences. In the film, GEMÜ illustrates the differences between conventional plant engineering using plastic and the GEMÜ multi-port valve blocks. This is because these enable the functionalities of a conventional plant, such as distributing, mixing and dosing, to be brought together in the smallest of spaces. Pipe sections, fittings, welded and solvent cemented joints are no longer necessary and plant reliability is therefore increased.