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Protects staff, systems and products: The GEMÜ 650TL diaphragm valve

Protects staff, systems and products: The GEMÜ 650TL diaphragm valve

The GEMÜ 650TL – a diaphragm valve with a pneumatic actuator and integrated handwheel – was developed for use in ring mains which can, where necessary, be closed from a central control system. This solution protects staff, processes and products in numerous scenarios. For example, if after sanitization using hot water the water temperature in the loop is so high that an employee could be scalded during sampling. Or if too many tapping points are open at the same time. This reduces the pressure in the distributor loop, causing it to fall below a critical value. For such purposes, the GEMÜ 650TL has a pneumatic actuator in addition to the integrated handwheel. The valve can be automatically closed via a central control system and pilot valve. The GEMÜ 650TL has now been further developed so that the position of the handwheel can be detected. In this case, the position "handwheel closed" is detected by an optionally available proximity switch and communicated to the plant control system. Due to this improvement, a visual check of the plant in person is no longer absolutely essential. The animation shows how this valve works.