Compliance whistle-blowing system

Compliance whistle-blowing system

"GEMÜ does not compromise when it comes to engaging in business in a legal and responsible manner. Behaving with integrity is a principle that guides each and every one of us – everywhere, and at all times." - Gert Müller -  Managing Director

1. Objective and purpose

A reliable whistle-blowing system for our staff, customers, business partners and other stakeholders, and the reliable protection of whistle-blowers, are essential for an effective compliance management system (CMS). It makes it possible to report possible misconduct early on, and to thoroughly investigate and resolve any such misconduct. If there is sufficient evidence that there has been a breach of compliance, any and all relevant circumstances will be the subject of an internal investigation.

The whistle-blowing system offers a secure, effective and reliable way to provide information on possible weaknesses in the CMS. It also offers a way for reporting breaches of compliance that are imminent or have already occurred, especially breaches of our Code of Conduct and other illegal acts. As part of the whistle-blowing system, GEMÜ shall ensure that whistle-blowers and other affected persons are protected appropriately. The system also guarantees that any information received is investigated in a neutral, unbiased manner and that affected persons are treated fairly.

The integrity of our business processes is of the utmost importance so that we can do justice to the trust that our customers, business partners and staff as well as other stakeholders place in GEMÜ.

2. Secure channel of communication

The compliance whistle-blowing system "RIMIKSX" is a secure channel of communication that can be accessed from our website. Employees or external stakeholders can use it at any time of day to provide information about any (suspected) breaches of compliance and can do so anonymously if they wish.

In addition, possible misconduct can also be reported directly to the Compliance division, in particular the compliance managers of the individual subsidiaries, via the Company Management or relevant supervisors.

Only the GEMÜ Compliance team will process the content reported. You will receive confirmation of receipt within seven days. In addition, within no more than three months, you will receive qualified feedback on any subsequent measures that were introduced.

Whistle-blowers are protected by special regulations which set out that they must not suffer any disadvantages as a result of information reported in good faith. Whistle-blowers acting in good faith must not be disadvantaged in any way. However, please note that knowingly spreading misinformation may have consequences and could even be of criminal relevance.

3. Application

You can find more information on using the "RIMIKSX" whistle-blowing system on the system's start page.

This is also where you can report any relevant information.