Digital identification and paperless documentation

Servicing of plant components with CONEXO

Whether it involves GMP-compliant production, optimization of maintenance intervals or fast supplementary orders of wearing parts: RFID technology provides completely new options for the digital identification of plant components, as well as the ability to electronically store, protect and process the associated information.

Increasing process reliability and system availability

With the CONEXO system:

  • All valves and components (bodies, actuators, diaphragms) are serialized. Even products from third-party suppliers can be integrated accordingly.
  • Full tracking and tracing are ensured.
  • Analysis of the servicing process is improved.

System components are valves and components which are equipped with an RFID chip, an RFID reading device and an IT infrastructure. The component listed last comprises the CONEXO app for mobile use as well as the CONEXO portal for stationary applications. The app is predominantly for recording and accessing data, while the portal implements central control, evaluation and monitoring.

Advantages for sterile and hygienic processes
Advantages for industrial processes