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Clean Production


Both short-term measures and more long-term projects are regularly discussed and then implemented effectively. As part of its expansion, GEMÜ is renovating its existing buildings to improve energy efficiency and paying particular attention to the design and configuration of new buildings.

Renovations to improve energy efficiency

GEMÜ is continually investing in the group's existing buildings. In the third quarter of 2015, for example, the entire window façade of a building from the 1960s is being replaced, and several measures have been implemented to further improve the façade protection in order to reduce the gas required to heat the building.

New buildings

Architects and construction managers for all new sites and buildings are tasked with creating plans and carrying out construction with the highest levels of sustainability. For example, when the new GEMÜ Dome Development and Innovation Centre was constructed, photovoltaic panels were installed that track the movement of the sun, whereas a combined heat and power plant was selected when the European Production and Logistics Centre was established in Kupferzell, Germany. The cleanroom plant in Emmen, Switzerland was also implemented in accordance with the latest environmental considerations, such as using waste heat for heating.

GEMÜ milestone for 2015: New building in China

GEMÜ is ensuring that construction work in China is also as environmentally friendly as possible, and was able to open the most modern group building to date in summer 2015. The environmentally friendly features of this structure range from a combined cooling, heat and power plant, to waste water recycling, through to state-of-the-art energy saving technologies and materials, and our Chinese colleagues work to ensure that energy use is managed sensibly during operation as well.

Occupational safety and employee protection

Alongside resource-saving aspects, the GEMÜ sustainability strategy also places particular importance on occupational health and safety. To this end, for example, reductions in the use of hazardous substances in production have been implemented and various health promotion campaigns, including health days and even company sport programmes, have been established.