Raising awareness – social responsibility

At GEMÜ, leading by example means creating an awareness of sustainability for all employees as well as taking on social responsibility. GEMÜ thinks ahead, provides impetus and supports future projects in the region.

JobRad (work bike) for employees

At GEMÜ, sustainable mobility in both the service and the private sector is an important pillar for achieving climate objectives.The GEMÜ JobRad thus keeps more than 150 employees and their relatives fit and makes a contribution to the environment.

EV charging stations for employees

The company's own charging stations with 100% green electricity support e-bike users on their way to work. GEMÜ also provides electric charging stations for charging company vehicles at every location in Germany.

City cycling – pedal along for 21 days for more bicycle promotion, climate protection and communal life quality.

In 2022, 74 GEMÜ cyclists supported the Climate Alliance campaign, with a total of 20,071 km (first place) and 3,090 kg of CO2 saved – a considerable contribution to the result achieved by the city of Künzelsau.
In total, the city cyclists of the city of Künzelsau have ridden over 70,000 km by bike and have saved 11 tonnes of CO2.

Bike to work 2021 – Switzerland's biggest health promotion campaign

The 'Bike to work' initiative pursues the objective of employees travelling to work (among other things) by bike – meaning that they've already completed their fitness programme on the way to work. The promotion is also making a contribution to environmental protection, with the participants of GEMÜ Switzerland travelling a total of 3610 km in two teams in 2021, and consequently saving 520 kg of CO2. (Total in Switzerland: 15 million km and 2.2 million kg of CO2)

Electromobility in the region: E-Disti


The "E-Disti" project was initiated in 2018 by the city of Niedernhall. The project was very well received by the citizens of Niedernhall, who were able to rent the BMW i3 for a low fee. GEMÜ is consequently making a contribution to sustainability and promoting the e-mobility of citizens.

Wertwiesen charging point – "Fill up on e-power and a smile"

In 2015, GEMÜ agreed on a cooperation with the city of Künzelsau, and has since then been promoting the Wertwiesen electric charging point.

Flowering meadow

In 2020, GEMÜ took on the sponsorship of a 2000 m2 flowering meadow in Mulfingen-Ochsental for the first time. This commitment has been continued ever since. Through this, GEMÜ is making an important contribution to the preservation of biodiversity in its home region.

You can become a flower sponsor here: https://www.bwbluehtauf.de 


Raising awareness for all employees

Valuing sustainability goes beyond paid work. Paying attention to sustainability with small and sustained actions can give you pleasure and encourage you to act in a sustainable manner in the private sphere too