Pharma-, food- and biotechnology

Pharma-, food- and biotechnology

GEMÜ is one of the leading manufacturers of valves, measurement and control systems, and is the world market leader for sterile applications in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. This position is based on GEMÜ's comprehensive investments in application-oriented research & development. With its product innovations and customized solutions GEMU has made a crucial contribution to the development of process media control systems. At the same time highest quality standards have been established that have a defining role in valve design.

Strict directives

Regulations and approval criteria are in place to ensure that the underlying manufacturing processes are appropriate. GEMÜ products for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetics industries comply with these strict directives. The quality of these production processes has been improved in particular by aseptic valves and highly efficient multi-port valves.

Increasing security

Multi-port valve blocks, as an example, combine several valve seats in one unit. As this cuts down on numerous pipes and fittings, it allows a much more compact plant construction. At the same time, the number of welded or solvent cemented joints is reduced which leads to a considerable increase in plant reliability due to the avoidance of leaks. Quick and easy assembly of the customized units reduces the additional assembly time required and saves costs.
Each multi-port valve is manufactured individually by GEMÜ on the basis of the plant-specific requirements. To date, over a thousand variants have been produced for a variety of customers

Lasting performance

From initial consultation, research & development, to the complete production process and through to sales, service and maintenance, GEMÜ serves the whole value chain, producing designs that offer lasting performance in complex processes.