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Intelligent measurement and control technology

Beside the valve technology, GEMÜ has been offering precisely tuned valve instrumentation, controllers, sensor systems, valve actuators and system solutions for process automation for many years now. GEMÜ provides the most varied designs to suit any automation concept, comprising not only simple switches but also intelligent designs equipped with time-saving automated initialization.

The best control results

GEMÜ has a lot of positive experience with globe valves, particularly when using them for control duties. The valves have therefore been optimized based on the following points:

  • Flow-efficient inner geometry, even when partially open
  • Long stroke distance, combined with low increase in cross-section at the valve seat
  • Jolt-free actuation
  • Long service life with regard to switching frequency.

We design and produce regulating needles, regulating cones or regulating cages based on the desired characteristics. If the application requires it, for example when working with media containing particulate matter or in sterile applications, customers can obviously also use control valves with different functional principles.