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Cast off for the GEMÜ 480 Victoria butterfly valve

Cast off for the GEMÜ 480 Victoria butterfly valve

The new DNV-GL certificate...

The new DNV-GL certificate for the GEMÜ butterfly valve series simplifies plant approval in the shipping industry. 

The Ingelfing-based valve manufacturer, GEMÜ, has obtained another approval for its GEMÜ 480 Victoria butterfly valves and is thus continually expanding its area of use. In addition to being approved for drinking water and gas, this series will from now on also have a shipping approval in accordance with DNV-GL. With this certificate, it is possible to use the GEMÜ valves for the isolation and control of non-flammable gases, sea water, water, air and oil in ships that require classification and building regulations in accordance with DNV-GL. The certificate issued by the DNV-GL, an internationally recognized classification company, guarantees compliance with applicable regulatory codes and standards for maritime applications and adheres to the highest quality guidelines.

Systems that are used in shipping are not only subjected to extreme climatic conditions and a harsh environment, but they must also work faultlessly under extremely high mechanical loads. The high corrosion protection and the triple seal contour of the shaft seal have already made the butterfly valves in the GEMÜ 480 Victoria series into a reliable component for demanding applications. Thanks to the epoxy coating of at least 250 μm in accordance with the corrosiveness category C5-M as per DIN EN ISO 12944, they are resistant to sea water and can withstand even high loads caused by condensation and contamination.

Depending on the product type, the GEMÜ 480 Victoria butterfly valves approved by the DNV-GL are available with manual, pneumatic or motorized actuators.