GEMÜ taps into a new market

GEMÜ taps into a new market

GEMÜ taps into a new market

With a suitable product range, GEMÜ is a reliable and competent partner for manufacturing cultivated meat.

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The production of cultivated meat is based on known biotechnological processes that are identical to those used in other large-scale applications for cell culture technology. For this future market, GEMÜ offers complete valves, as well as measurement and control systems, from a single source. 

Cultivated meat is a steadily growing market that represents an efficient and sustainable option for the future supply of meat. GEMÜ is entering this market and, thanks to their expertise, is becoming a competent partner for manufacturers of cultivated meat. As with other large-scale cell culture applications, such as antibody therapeutics, one or more bioreactors, which form the heart of the system, are used in the production. Auxiliary processes such as water treatment, filtration, heating and cooling systems are also required. As one of the world's leading suppliers of valves and control systems for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and foodstuff industries, GEMÜ can optimally support these processes with the appropriate components and the right expertise.

GEMÜ offers suitable solutions for the production of cultivated meat for both aseptic and non-aseptic areas.
Diaphragm valves (e.g. GEMÜ 650, GEMÜ 653, GEMÜ 687) and diaphragm globe valves (e.g. GEMÜ 657, GEMÜ F40) are mainly used for demanding, aseptic process steps such as inoculating the bioreactor or transferring the cells between the bioreactors. Drainage-optimized tank bottom valves that are based on the diaphragm valve principle guarantee aseptic cell harvesting with minimal product loss.

For the laboratory phase in the cultivated meat sector, customized and individually tailored single-use solutions guarantee the necessary process reliability and flexibility.

Auxiliary processes in which the media does not come into contact with surfaces that come into contact with the product are classed as non-aseptic applications and also play an important role at GEMÜ. Thanks to the extensive product range, globe valves (e.g. GEMÜ 550, GEMÜ 554), butterfly valves (e.g. GEMÜ R480, GEMÜ R490) or ball valves (e.g. GEMÜ B22, GEMÜ 24) can be used for this purpose.

"In combination with expandable automation components, our valves are technically very well positioned to support and drive forward the new cultivated meat market, from the laboratory phase through to commercial production," says Tibor Tot, Business Development Manager in the Business Unit Pharma, Food & Biotech.