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Replacement diaphragms from GEMÜ

for aseptic and industrial processes

Diaphragms are wearing parts. They need to be regularly inspected and replaced otherwise malfunctions can occur, possibly resulting in hazardous situations.

Specifying the maintenance cycles

The maintenance intervals for inspecting and replacing diaphragms are application-dependent. In order to determine a suitable maintenance interval, the maintenance history and the stresses placed on the parts due to frequent sterilisation, cleaning processes or frequent cycle duties must be taken into account. The type of media must also be considered; the maintenance interval is considerably shorter for viscous or abrasive working media in comparison to inert liquids, for example.


If it has not yet been possible to conclusively document the maintenance interval, or if the diaphragm is only to be replaced in the event of leakage, we recommend creating a stockpile in order to be able to react promptly. However, the inventory should take into consideration that elastomer components have a maximum recommended storage and operating time. This is between one and six years for GEMÜ diaphragms – when they are stored correctly.

Procurement cycles

In our experience, it is worth setting up a small storage area for small, frequently used parts and establishing a rolling order system at the same time in installations with a relatively large number of diaphragm valves. In the latter case, you will automatically receive a subsequent delivery or a further delivery of diaphragms from us in a time period defined by you.


Replacement diaphragms can be ordered as loose items. For reasons of traceability and primarily for sterile and hygienic processes, we also offer you the option of ordering the diaphragms individually packed and labelled, along with the corresponding inspection certificates.
For metal aseptic diaphragm valves, we have created an appropriate table with order numbers for replacement diaphragms.
For metal industrial diaphragm valves and plastic diaphragm valves, as well as for ultra-pure plastic diaphragm valves, please get in touch with your contact person because there are considerably more types or, depending on the product, other versions available in this case.

GEMÜ diaphragms have been developed, tested, and approved for applications with GEMÜ valve bodies. Therefore GEMÜ do not recommend or guarantee the use of other manufacturers diaphragms with GEMÜ valve bodies. We shall not accept any liability resulting from the use of diaphragms of other manufacturers inside GEMÜ diaphragm valves.