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Compact combi switchbox for linear actuators: GEMÜ 4242

Compact combi switchbox for linear actuators: GEMÜ 4242

The GEMÜ 4242 with integrated 3/2-way pilot valve was developed specially for small and medium nominal sizes and is much more compact than its predecessor, the GEMÜ 4222. However, the combi switchbox still offers the same functionality and additional diagnostic facilities. Depending on the version, numerous parameters can be set or read out. The GEMÜ 4242 combi switchbox works accurately thanks to its microprocessor-controlled, intelligent position sensing system and its analogue, integrated travel sensor system with a stroke of between 2 and 30 mm. This means that the device records the entire stroke distance and, upon reaching the relevant end position, transmits feedback to the plant control system. In comparison with external pilot valves, the integrated 3/2-way pilot valve offers both functional and cost benefits, such as fast reaction times, it allows the program to fully automate end position programming and reduce compressed air consumption by being coupled directly to the valve without extra piping losses. Local programming of end positions is also, alternatively, possible without an interface to the control unit, and is carried out using a magnet so the housing does not have to be opened. In addition to using high-quality electronic and electrical components, GEMÜ also relies on high-quality hardware: The robust, compact body is available in aluminium or stainless steel and the transparent cover is made from impact resistant polycarbonate. The pneumatic and electrical connections of the combi switchbox save space and enable easy access positioned in one direction. The speed-AP function simplifies commissioning, and a manual override means that the valve servicing can be conducted easily. This function can, of course, also be disabled as required. The animation shows how to put the combi switchbox into operation.