Just for you.

All training courses from the training programme can be booked exclusively.

With an individual training course at GEMÜ in Ingelfingen, Germany, your participant group can make the most of the benefits of in-person, on-site training (link), whilst nonetheless remaining in an exclusive group of participants. You can determine the date in consultation with the technical training team.

We can come to you

The in-house training course on site at your premises is the most convenient way to convey valuable training content to your training course participants.
At the same time, we are happy to provide your training course with a course framework suited to your content on a case by case basis.

Make the most of your advantages:


  • Define your individual training content or choose a training course on a particular topic from the training course overview.
  • The practical element is established thanks to mobile and professional training equipment.
  • You define your group of participants.
  • You can determine the time and subject, or select from our wide-ranging training course catalogue.