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the innovative reaction vessel

Safe work practices without cross contamination

FlipTube® is the new reaction vessel from GEMÜ. Its revolutionary closure allows consistently safe work practices. In a change from the old approach, the FlipTube® is now opened by applying light pressure to the rear part of the cover. This prevents any contamination between the user's thumb and the liquid in the vessel. 

The advantages of FlipTube®

  • Elimination of cross contamination
  • Easy-to-use with just one hand
  • Practical graduations with 0.1 ml, 0.5 ml, 1.0 ml and 1.5 ml
  • Large areas for labelling on the circumference and cover
  • Cover is pierceable
  • Made of high-purity polypropylene with autoclave capability
  • High thermal and chemical stability
  • Can be centrifuged up to 20,000 g, fits in all standard centrifuges
  • Available in bags of 500 pieces