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Injection moulded cleanroom components

Manufacturing in accordance with ISO class 8 (in operation) and GMP class C

We use injection moulding machines in our ISO class 8 (in operation) and GMP class C cleanroom to manufacture your product efficiently and precisely. GEMÜ specializes in the processing of demanding high-temperature plastics, the integration of inserts and multiple-component injection moulding.

Thanks to additional flow-box systems, processing can be achieved locally that is one class higher. Using a central drying and conveying system, the raw material is fed in directly with minimal contamination.

Injection moulding in the cleanroom

  • Injection moulding machines with closing force of 35 to 300 tonnes
  • Parts weight ranging from approx. 0.1 g to 1000  g
  • Wide range of equipment for processing fluoroplastics