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Virtual Reality

A new approach to technical training

The high-quality valve, measurement and control components that GEMÜ produces are important elements of a technical processing plant. Proper installation and expert maintenance are therefore necessary in order for the plant to operate efficiently and in optimal cycles. As an ideal addition to our practical service training courses, our training team has therefore developed a virtual reality training module that will specifically provide additional support for diaphragm valve maintenance.

In the GEMÜ video stream: Learning for the future with virtual reality.

Immersive (in-depth) learning

Combining theory and practical learning generally improves how well learners recall work steps and the work procedure itself. As a result, participants in GEMÜ service training courses on diaphragm replacement first receive a theory-based introduction before moving directly to practical training using the products. After this stage, VR training can optionally be included – thanks to its process-oriented learning style for the movement sequences, it enables participants to further reinforce the knowledge they have gained.
The training is presented to the participants in an entertaining manner that also ensures it can be applied to their everyday work. "Gamification" elements can be used to create additional learning incentives and turn the training course into a unique experience.

Content of the VR application

  • Introductory module with a range of tasks for learning the movement sequences in an entertaining way and as an extra "motivation boost" for the training itself
  • Clear, quick starting point thanks to a supportive, context-oriented approach which goes through the actions to be carried out in a step-by-step manner ("training mode")
  • (Self-)Assessment in "assessment mode" (with optional digital certificate and record of any errors) withoutinformation or help functions

Advantages of virtual reality

  • Intensifies the learning experience by changing the environment and providing visual stimuli (from the training room/workbench into the virtual space)
  • Complete immersion in the content so that the knowledge gained can be recalled faster in the future
  • Improved learning results thanks to practical interactions and movement sequences

All VR training courses are accompanied by technical trainers with years of experience in the industry who also lead the practical diaphragm replacement training courses.

Advantages for RFID-supported maintenance/GEMÜ CONEXO

Whether it involves GMP-compliant production, optimization of maintenance intervals or fast supplementary orders of wearing parts: RFID technology provides completely new options for the digital identification of plant components, as well as the ability to electronically store, protect and process the associated information.

The VR training course includes a unique module that simulates the process/work using this technology and using the CONEXO servicing system. This allows the participants to learn how to use the RFID reader/pen and the app on the tablet, while deepening their understanding of the maintenance steps. Among other topics, it involves inspecting the diaphragm and evaluating its condition using the app. In real-world scenarios, this information is sent to central administration and can be used as a basis for determining the next maintenance interval.

Worldwide availability

The VR training courses are already available with short wait times in a number of countries, for example at our sites in Germany, France and Austria; alternatively, they can also be held as in-house training events at customers' premises with our mobile VR equipment. It is also possible to establish a virtual link between the sites. Participants from sites that are equipped with VR technology can meet in a virtual "Cyber Classroom", for instance in order to discuss a topic or to explain and demonstrate products. This way of working is both modern and cost-effective.