Expert for servicing and maintenance of GEMÜ diaphragm valves (ET1001)

Expert for servicing and maintenance of GEMÜ diaphragm valves (ET1001)

Target group:

Beginners but also those who are more experienced in process engineering in the area of valve designs

In particular:

  • Servicing and maintenance staff, plant technicians
  • Operational engineers, project engineers
  • Planning and system design engineers, technical purchasing, design engineers, process engineers

Training content:

  • Functional principle and design construction of diaphragm valves, as well as the associated actuator design
  • Comprehensive technical information about the diaphragms and their materials
  • Replacing the shut-off diaphragm and the valve actuator
  • Diaphragm types, materials and design mounting (incl. 5M diaphragm innovation)
  • Influential factors for service life of shut-off diaphragms
  • Evaluation of defective wearing parts and interpretation of error sources
  • Readjustment of closing and opening stroke limiters
  • Initialization of electrical automation components (including positioners and process controllers)
  • Safe service and repair work on GEMÜ diaphragm valves in accordance with the relevant regulatory codes such as GMP and FDA

    Participants are trained to act as highly competent, professional and local contact persons for maintenance technicians and service technicians. They also learn how to assess whether wearing parts and spare parts have been replaced correctly on GEMÜ diaphragm valves or whether assembly errors have been made.

    Cost and duration:: Online EUR 120 for four hours, in-person EUR 240 for eight hours incl. catering

    Testing: Reflect on what you have learned via multiple-choice questions

    Training course on-site in Criesbach/customer premises



    Training dates:

    In-person training: GER: 15th March 2022, 9th November 2022  EN: 24th May 2022
    This training course is only possible in-person at GEMÜ or as an in-house training course.

    Customized training courses on request

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