Measurement and control components for process technology

Control valves, components and measurement devices

Measurement and control components for process technology

GEMÜ's product portfolio includes on/off valves, valve automation, as well as measuring devices for pressure, flow rate, temperature, etc.

The requirements for process technology have increased over the last few years. Automation and remote monitoring are today considered standard in many sectors. GEMÜ therefore chose to extend its product portfolio in this field more than 20 years ago, since which time the company has been developing and manufacturing automation components and measurement devices in-house.

Sophisticated valve instrumentation available ex works

Position indicators, combi switchboxes, process controllers, as well as position and process controllers are permanent features in GEMÜ's product portfolio. Not only are these important products continually improved and refined, they are also complemented by new products. In exceptional cases, automation components can already be integrated into the respective valve/actuator (GEMÜ 651 or GEMÜ SideStep). In most cases, however, they can be adapted to work with many different valves. Our customers can order valves with position indicator or on/off valves fully assembled and initialize them locally in a easy-to-follow process. They can also install and commission them in their systems themselves using our operating instructions.

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The best control results thanks to GEMÜ valve design

GEMÜ has a lot of positive experience with globe valves, particularly when using them for control duties. The valves have therefore been optimized based on the following points:

  • Flow-efficient inner geometry, even when partially open
  • Long stroke distance, combined with low increase in cross-section at the valve seat
  • Jolt-free actuation
  • Long service life with regard to switching frequency.

We design and produce regulating needles, regulating cones or regulating cages based on the desired characteristics. If the application requires it, for example when working with media containing particulate matter or in sterile applications, customers can obviously also use control valves with different functional principles.

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Measurement devices "Made in Germany"

Ensuring that production processes and plants always give full performance involves the ongoing capture, evaluation and processing of data. GEMÜ has developed the appropriate sensors for measuring the process parameters of flow, pressure, temperature and levels. In the field of flow measurement systems, GEMÜ also offers all standard functional principles, including flowmeters employing the variable area principle, turbine flow transmitters, magnetically inductive flowmeters and ultrasonic flowmeters.

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