GEMÜ Switzerland

Your valve and plastics specialist

GEMÜ Switzerland

Since it was founded in 1981, GEMÜ Switzerland has been an important production and sales location for the GEMÜ Group.

Plastics expertise

As the "Headquarters of Plastics", GEMÜ Switzerland is the GEMÜ Group's Service and Competence Centre for high-grade plastic solutions. We have been producing high-purity valves and accessories for the field of semiconductor production since 1988. These sophisticated high-quality products have brought us continuous growth and enabled us to expand our field of business. We have also been manufacturing customized solutions for the medical and pharmaceutical industries since 2003.

Customer base

Our customers come from the fields of medical and environmental systems, the pharmaceutical and food industries, the semiconductor sector, the chemical industry, the field of electricity production/power station construction, as well as numerous other sectors that utilize liquids, vapours and gases in their processes.