Synergy by GEMÜ


Synergy by GEMÜ

Thanks to many years of experience, GEMÜ can offer a wide range of solutions that are flexibly geared to the needs of our customers. This enables us to achieve synergy effects for our customers that increase effectiveness in the long term. As a solutions provider, GEMÜ is equipped for a wide variety of requirements.

GEMÜ Systems

From the request for customer-specific individual parts, and ready-to-assemble subassemblies, through to the joint development of complete system solutions.


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GEMÜ Service

Maintenance, repair, commissioning, equipment screening, diagnostics, technical training and much more.


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Convenient operation and configuration for GEMÜ products with Bluetooth interface. 


Digital information management and maintenance support.

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Virtual Reality training modules

  • Realistic course content and processes
  • Long-term learning thanks to practical experience
  • Simulation of servicing and error scenarios
  • Multi-user functionality

Digital product label

We are gradually applying an additional label with QR code and serial number to GEMÜ products. You can use this to positively identify our products all over the world and, in addition to the classic product label, call up lots of additional product-related information in digital format.


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