Engineering and manufacturing capability


GEMÜ develops and manufactures components for medical industry products.

Alongside the manufacture of valves, measurement and control systems for medical device manufacturers and hospital technology, GEMÜ is also an engineering and production partner for plastic products, for example for surgical instruments.

Engineering and production partner for plastic components

As a supplier to medical technology companies, GEMÜ also produces customized plastic solutions for surgical instruments, lab accessories and other medical devices. GEMÜ also offers ready-to-use medical technology products such as FlipTube.

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Valves, measurement and control systems for medical devices and use in hospitals

GEMÜ solenoid valves, as well as other valve types, are used in various laboratory and analytical apparatus, in particular equipment used for dosing liquids. Alongside use in diagnostics, GEMÜ's globe, control and diaphragm valves are also used in plant for cleaning and sterilizing medical equipment and instruments, as well as in supply areas, for example to treat the water and air for operating theatres.

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