Diaphragm valves for hygienic and sterile applications (SM1001)

Diaphragm valves for hygienic and sterile applications (SM1001)

Target group:

In particular:



  • Servicing and maintenance staff, plant technicians

Training content:

  • Replacing the shut-off diaphragm and the valve actuator
  • Diaphragm types, materials and design mounting (incl. 5M diaphragm innovation)
  • Evaluation of defective wearing parts and interpretation of error sources
  • Readjustment of closing and opening stroke limiters
  • Initialization of electrical automation components (including positioners and process controllers)
  • Safe service and repair work on GEMÜ diaphragm valves in accordance with the relevant regulatory codes such as GMP and FDA

Cost and duration:: Online EUR 120 for four hours, in-person EUR 240 for eight hours incl. catering

Testing: Reflect on what you have learned via multiple-choice questions



Training dates:

Training course on-site in Criesbach/customer premisesThis training course is only possible in-person at GEMÜ or as an in-house training course.

Customized training courses on request

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Advanced training courses:

Service expert – Expert for servicing and maintenance of GEMÜ diaphragm valves ET1001