GEMÜ 343 eSyDrive

Motorized multi-port globe valve

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The GEMÜ 343 eSyDrive is a motorized 3/2-way globe valve with a hollow shaft electric actuator. The eSyDrive hollow shaft actuator can be operated as On/Off or with integrated positioner or process controller. The valve spindle is sealed by a self-adjusting gland packing. This provides a low-maintenance and reliable valve spindle seal even after an extended period of operation. A wiper ring fitted in front of the gland packing protects the seal against contamination and damage. An integral optical and electrical position indicator is standard.

  • Linear control characteristics can be implemented
  • Force and speed are variably adjustable
  • Extensive diagnostic facilities
  • Operable via web interface eSy-Web
  • Integral optical position indicator and LED high visibility display
  • Suitable for vacuum up to 20 mbar (a)
  • Media temperature:-10 to 250 °C
  • Ambient temperature:-10 to 60 °C
  • Operating pressure :0 to 40 bar
  • Nominal sizes:DN 15 to 100
  • Body configurations:Multi-port body
  • Connection types:Flange | Threaded connection
  • Connection standards:ANSI | DIN | EN | ISO
  • Body materials:1.4408, investment casting material | CC499K, cast bronze material
  • Seat seal materials:PTFE | PTFE, reinforced
  • Supply voltage:24 V DC
  • Actuating speed:max. 6 mm/s
  • Protection class:IP 65
  • Conformities:EAC

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