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Valve designs

Valve quick finder
Butterfly valves
Pressure control valves
all GEMÜ valves can be filtered according to valve type, actuator type and body materialmade of metal and plastic for industrial applications, the chemical industry, as well as water supply and water treatmentmade of plastic to achieve a constant operating pressure or system pressure
Ball valves
Solenoid valves
Multi-port valve blocks
made of metal and plastic for industrial processes, water supply and water treatmentfor fast cycle duties and dosing applicationsfor combining functions in the smallest of spaces
Metal aseptic diaphragm valvesDiaphragm valves using single-use technology
Metal industrial diaphragm valves
made of stainless steel for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetics industriesmade of gamma-sterilizable plastics for pharmaceutical processesfor industrial applications
Lined metal industrial diaphragm valves
Plastic diaphragm valves
High-purity plastic diaphragm valves
for corrosive media and high temperaturesfor water treatment, the chemical industry, surface finishing and various industrial applicationsfor process equipment, ultra pure chemical supply systems, ultra pure water treatment and ultra pure water distribution installations
Diaphragm globe valves
Diaphragm globe valves
Globe-valve-type control valves
as 2/2-way valves for the microelectronics and semiconductor industriesas multi-port valve blocks for the microelectronics and semiconductor industriesfor regulating clean liquid and gaseous media, as well as inert and corrosive media
Control tasks with other valve types
Check valves and swing-type check valves
Globe valves
with butterfly valves, with diaphragm valves, with ball valvesmade of plastic and metal for numerous processes and applicationsmade of metal and plastic for fast cycle duties, high temperatures and control applications
Valve actuators
Connection technology
Pilot valves
for globe and diaphragm valve bodies and for butterfly and ball valve bodiesmade of PFA for sanitary/hygienic applicationsfor pneumatically operated valves, cylinders and other process components
Accessories for valves
High-purity accessories for valves
such as stroke limiters and optical position indicatorssuch as fittings and tubes