Sustainable future

Functional ecosystems are the prerequisite for our existence and our economic activity. We therefore all bear the responsibility to preserve these ecosystems. GEMÜ takes fundamental measures across the company in order to make a contribution to the preservation of functional ecosystems.

CO2 neutrality

A reduction of CO2 emissions depends very significantly on voluntary and consistent handling of the economy in industrial countries.

For this reason, GEMÜ is offsetting greenhouse gas emissions that could not previously be reduced, and that have been caused by the business activities of GEMÜ , by acquiring  climate protection certificates.


Certificate  - GEMÜ                 

Certificate - Switzerland

Certificate - Brazil          

GEMÜ China receives ESG Performance Award from AHK

In November 2023, our subsidiary in China received the More Than A Market Award from the AHK China and the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in China for its ESG performance. The award honors continuous efforts and outstanding achievements in the field of sustainable development.

Almost 100 companies competed for the award. Based on recognized ESG indicators, verifiable data and facts, GEMÜ China was chosen as the winner in the small business category after a rigorous assessment and evaluation by an independent panel.

Photovoltaic systems

Since 2016, GEMÜ has been installing large-scale photovoltaic systems on the roofs of its production sites to help cover its own electricity requirements.

PV plants GEMÜ China

Total number of PV modules 1125
Peak performance 617 kWp
Annual energy output ca.610 MWh
*As of 2023

PV plants GEMÜ Emmen

Total number of PV modules 1836
Peak performance 688.5 kWp
Annual energy output ca. 607 MWh
*As of 2023

PV plants Kupferzell

Total number of PV modules 3345
Peak performance 1035 kWp
Annual energy output ca. 978 MWh
*As of 2023

Since 2016, GEMÜ has been installing photovoltaic panels on the roofs of its manufacturing sites on a large scale. These panels contribute to covering GEMÜ's own electricity requirements.

Combined heat and power plant

Up to 70 kW of heat and 50 kW of power can be generated with the combined heat and power plant erected in 2013. According to the principle of power-heat-link, the current-regulated system serves primarily to extract electrical energy.


The higher total degree of use compared with the conventional combination of on-site heating and a central power station results from the fact that the waste heat from electricity production is used fully and locally. This means a total efficiency of 80 to 90% in terms of primary energy used (referring to the heating value).

100% power from hydropower from Scandinavia

In total, 100% of the power that is not self-generated is drawn from hydropower.  GEMÜ is minimizing the consumption of fossil fuels, and will therefore rely on northern European hydropower for 100% of its power in locations in Germany from 2022.

From 2022, the power supply will come solely from sustainable power.


Adiabatic cooling

In order to optimize the working conditions for employees and prevent the machinery from overheating, GEMÜ is switching cooling of the manufacturing plant in Criesbach to adiabatic cooling. A system for heat recovery enables the exploitation of the waste heat for full heating of the company premises up to an outside temperature of -4 C°.


E-smarts for journeys between operating sites

GEMÜ consistently relies on electric cars for transporting people between sites. Since the launch of the Green Move 2012 project, it has used


nine e-smarts with an annual total driven distance of almost 30,000 km.