Mining, minerals and metal winning

Mining, minerals and metal winning

Demanding tasks need customized solutions. As trivial as a valve may seem, it is often the tiny inconspicuous details that determine human and environmental safety as well as the operating costs incurred or the process yield.

Customized process solutions

One of GEMÜ's strengths as a valve manufacturer is that it offers customized process solutions which join the valve with the actuator and sensor system as an integral unit, well adapted to the occurring working conditions. Where solids and slurries are involved, mechanical wear (abrasion) and deposits (scaling) in the system is often a cause of failures. When hydro-metallurgical processes such as heap leaching, solvent extraction SX/EW, adsorption on activated coal (CIC, CIL, CIP, Merrill-Crowe® etc.), flotation, thickening are used, aspects like corrosion may affect the process. Roasting, smelting and other pyro-metallurgical metal-wining methods are facing high temperatures and very corrosive situations at the same time.

Cost-effective solution

A well-rounded product range that is tailored to the process requirements is an important basic prerequisite for providing the user with the most cost-effective solution. Customized solutions can lead to an increase in productive output, savings in energy and other operating media and thus higher cost efficiency in production.